The washing revolution
without detergent

Save the planet and save up to 783 euros on laundry.
One BooBall can be used for 1000  washing cycles.

90% of our customers

Definitely replace detergents and softeners with Booballs

4,6/5 based on 437 reviews

Our customers are delighted to use Booballs on a daily basis.

4 out of 5 customers

Claim that their clothes are clean and fresh thanks to washing with BooBalls.

What is this BooBall ? (Vidéo)

BooBall est une balle de lavage permettant une lavage écologique et sans lessive

  • ÉCONOMIQUE : Économisez jusqu’à 783€ de lessive

  • PERFORMANT : Augmente la préservation des couleurs de votre linge et améliore le brassage dans le tambour pour une lessive plus efficace

  • FACILE D’UTILISATION : Compatible avec tous les modèles de lave-linge

  • ÉCOLOGIQUE : En plus de ne pas du tout polluer, nous nous engageons à retirer 300 grammes de déchets plastiques pour chaque Gargouille commandée.

  • CONSEIL : Utilisez 3 Gargouilles jusqu’à 6kg de linge sale, 5 Gargouilles pour + de 9kg de linge sale

Save the planet
& Save money

Once in the water, the bio-ceramic beads contained in our BooBalls will create alkaline water that will clean clothes of odours and stains.

1 – Put your BooBall in your washing machine
2 – Start your usual washing programme
3 – Smell your laundry, it’s clean!
4 – Let your BooBalls dry, then start again

Washes clothes naturally without soiling the planet

Cleans your clothes of odors and stains with our ecological and healthy Eco Proclean solution.

1 BooBall =
1000 washes

Will keep your laundry clean for 1000 washes. Save up to 783€ on laundry.

Keeps your clothes
in good condition

Preserve the fabrics and colors of your clothes.

Free from
toxic chemicals

Suitable for the most fragile skins, allergic and suffering from eczema.

30 days trial

100% satisfied or refunded

The fact that BooBalls can wash clothes as efficiently as your regular laundry detergents seems incredible. That’s why you have the right to test the BooBalls for 30 days.

If you don’t like it, contact our satisfaction support and you will be fully refunded.

Simple and economical

How much BooBalls you need ?

We have a plan for every family.

4 288 users have rated the BooBalls 4,8/5

The BooBall is an ecological alternative to traditional laundry detergents. It is part of our Eco Proclean cleaning solution and consists of a thermoplastic shell filled with four types of ceramic mineral beads.

These beads are made from earth minerals that are safe for both humans and the environment, and some are commonly found in products such as clays and carbonates. More information

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Customer Reviews

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Clean balls
What Our Clients Say
4.55 rating (442 reviews)

15 washes later, I can say that it works wonderfully. The laundry comes out clean, the smell is pleasant and they even clean the traces of foundation on my make-up remover discs better than my old detergent.


I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness of BooBalls. I decided to try it anyway and I was not disappointed. The laundry is clean, some stains that didn't go away with classic laundry detergent are gone with the BooBalls. Finally, if I did not put 5 stars it is for the welcome offer which is valid for a limited time.